5 picturesque pristine islands in Quang Ninh

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If you are a big fan of the pristine beauty of nature, do not miss the opportunity to explore 5 following islands when arriving in Ha Long.

Soi Sim Island

Soi Sim is a small island located to the West of Ha Long Bay with the total area of 8.7 hectares. The island has a primeval forest with many different types of plants and animals, so you can experience, explore the biodiversity here. On the island in the season of Tomentose rose myrtle, the island is covered with the flowers and fruit of Tomentose rose myrtle, which is why the local people called it Soi Sim. In addition, the beautiful beach, clear blue water and white sandbank here make this island attract many visitors.

Simi Island with the primeval forest and white sandbank

Simi Island with the primeval forest and white sandbank (Source: Internet)

Cai chien Island

Being one of the most beautiful islands in Quang Ninh, Cai Chien island is a tourist destination not to be missed in Halong. Located in Hai Ha district, Mong Cai, Cai Chien is not as famous as Tuan Chau or Co To, but the uniqueness of this island is its wildness and simplicity. In particular, the island is surrounded by majestic and massive mountains, so the space here is very clear, fresh and charming.

The beauty of Cai Chien Island when seen from above

The beauty of Cai Chien Island when seen from above (Source: Internet)

Coming to beaches in Cai Chien Island, you will feel limpid blue water, long white sandbank, airy and fresh atmosphere,… which are hard to find anywhere else. When arriving the island, you will admire Dau Rong (Dragon Head) beach, explore Thoi Xanh Island by boat… Those great experiences will be beautiful memories that you can not forget. Especially, from the top of Thoi Xanh island, you can see Co To island, Sau Mount, Vinh Thuc island...

Vinh Thuc Island

The pristine island which cannot be ignored when it comes to Quang Ninh is Vinh Thuc Island in Mong Cai. The attraction of this island is its pristine and pure beauty. This place is almost untouched by humans. When visiting this destination, you can only stay at local’s home, or camp on the island because there is no hotel service.

The pristine and pure beauty in Vinh Thuc Island

The pristine and pure beauty in Vinh Thuc Island (Source: Internet)

This island is a few kilometers away from Sa Vi Cape, where is a sacred place in the farthest northeast corner of Vietnam, as the crow flies. Visiting this peaceful destination, you will feel tranquil and relaxing, the feeling is hard to find in noisy cities.

Ngoc Vung Island

Located between Hon Net Island and Phuong Hoang (Phoenix) Island, this island is known for its long history and ancient remains of the Mac, the Van Don commercial port...  The island is not less attractive than Co To or Quan Lan. So, every year, many tourists come here to experience and explore.

Admiring the beauty of Ngoc Vung island

Admiring the beauty of Ngoc Vung island (Source: Internet)

Like other islands, this island has also clean blue sea and long white sandbank. In addition, seafood here are very fresh and delicious. Coming here, visitors will enjoy succulent seafood specialties. Let have the most exciting and wonderful experiences on this island that is like a " beautiful blue pearl" with your friend or family.

Banh Sua Island

Banh Sua Island (also known as Tu Hai Island) is located on Bai Tu Long Bay. The island not only possesses the sweet name of the traveler, but also reminds visitors that this piece of land is truly a pristine oasis that makes visitors immersed in the journey of nature.

The beautiful scenery of Banh Sua Island

The beautiful scenery of Banh Sua Island (Source: Internet)

Banh Sua Island is less than 1 km², and it looks like a small turtle in the middle of the vast sea. Not owning the long sandy beaches, white blue water, no star hotel and the noisier atmosphere of the tourist but the beauty of Banh Sua Island will make visitors love infatuated in the quiet space, peaceful to surprise of this island.

With 5 pristine islands, we hope you will have the opportunity to explore new and unique things for your trip. Let’s come as well as enjoy the beauty of nature and pure space, you will not want to leave this charming destination.

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