Delicious cakes that visitors fascinated in Quang Ninh

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When it comes to Quang Ninh, people often think about seafoods, however, this tourist destination has many other delicious food. Here are 4 " succulent" cakes in Quang Ninh that you should not miss when coming this tourist attraction.

Stuffed pancake with grilled calamari

This is a "specialty" in Ha Long that visitors should try when coming here. Stuffed pancake looks familiar to everyone, but if this dish is combined with Ha Long grilled calamari, the taste will be very unique. Do you know how strange the taste will be?

The succulent Stuffed pancake with grilled calamari dish!

The succulent Stuffed pancake with grilled calamari dish!
(Source: Internet)

This dish has familiar paper-thin steamed rice flour pancakes rolled with minced pork, mushrooms, ruoc (salted shredded meat) and fried onion. The best way to enjoy this dish is to eat with cilantro, a piece of tempting yellow grilled calamari, then dip them into the accompanying warm fish sauce broth, brightened with a squeeze of fresh lime and chilly. This delicious dish has captured the hearts of both domestic and foreign visitors when coming here.

Tai long ep cake

This cake has many different names such as “tai nong ep”, “banh to”, “xi long cau”, “banh cau”… Whatever the name, Tai long ep cake is still considered as a specialty of the San Diu ethnic group in Quang Ninh.. With its delicious flavor, this cake is very popular.

Delicious flavor of tai long ep cake

Delicious flavor of tai long ep cake (Source: Internet)

This dish looks simple, but the process to make it is so meticulous. In the past, when making this cake, people often used 70% sticky rice and 30% ordinary rice, but now they only use sticky rice and molasses. At a rate of 1 kg of rice flour and 0.5kg of molasses, the sugar is melted with a little crushed ginger juice, then cooker kneads the powder with ginger juice and sugar.

It takes a lot of time to make this cake, especially when kneading dough. After kneading, people put it on banana leaves, then add roasted peanuts, sesame and put on another layer of banana leaves. Finally, they steam cake from 6-12h depending on type of cake.

To check whether the cake is ripe or not, people use chopsticks to skewer through the cake. When the cake is cooked, the cook removes it out of the steam boiler, and guests can feel the fragrance and sweetness of ginger and molasses. With the tempting yellow color, the aroma of peanuts, sesame, this food is so succulent. If you want to eat when the cake is still hot, you can cut it into small pieces and fry.

Gat gu cake (Nodding rice cake)

Nodding rice cake looking like a stuffed pancake, rice noodle is made from rice flour. Despite the simple appearance, the process to create this dish is so meticulous: The cooks have to soak rice with water overnight and then grind it into liquid.

Tien Yen Gat Gu cake

Tien Yen Gat Gu cake (Source: Internet)

The interesting thing is that: in the grinding process, “the liquid” is mixed with cooked rice to have the sticky as well as soft cake.

Miners’ bread

When it comes to Miner’s bread, people immediately think of a kind of simple miners' cakes. This dish is made for miners and each coal miner to provide good nutrition so they will be strong enough to work. With its delicious flavor, today, this is not only a mine worker's dishes, but also an attractive food for visitors.

Miners’ bread with attractive fillings

Miners’ bread with attractive fillings (Source: Internet)

To create delicious bread, kneading the dough is the most important step. We must do it carefully until it becomes smooth. If we create smooth dough, the finished loaves will look more beautiful. After baking, we will have succulent breads, and they are better when enjoyed with pâté and vegetables. Mine’s bread can be stored for 2-3 days at normal temperature, or 1 week in the refrigerator.

Here are 4 types of famous delicious cakes when it comes to Quang Ninh cuisine. If you have a chance to visit Quang Ninh, don’t forget to enjoy lots of fresh seafood dishes, attractive snacks, and taste the four types of cakes! You will have interesting experience!

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