Exploring 2 "famous" noodle dishes in Quang Ninh

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Besides Ha Long seafood, Quang Ninh is also known as the "paradise" of noodle dishes processed from these fresh ingredients. Some famous types of noodles such as shrimp noodles, mantis shrimp noodles, fish noodles, stone crab noodles, squid noodles... are rich in nutrients, tasty and so unique that you cannot find them in any other places.

Seafood noodle

Some basic ingredients of seafood noodle dishes

Some basic ingredients of seafood noodle dishes (Source: Internet)

When it comes to seafood in Ha Long, any visitor also has to admit that the seafood here is great. Seafood noodles in both luxury restaurants and makeshift noodle stands are extremely delicious. Wandering streets, dropping by a makeshift noodle stand and watching chefs preparing this dish, you will feel the ingenuity of seafood noodles with white rice noodle, some peeled shrimps are fried with onion, grilled chopped fish, some soft squid slices, some fresh tomato pods, onion and colocasia gigantean – a kind of local vegetable, all are added in the soup broth.

To cook a bow of Ha Long`s true noodle, must-have ingredients for the dish are seafood such as shrimp, mantis shrimp, squid, crab … which must be catch within a day. Fresh ingredients are pre-processed by chefs with their secret recipes. Some ingredients are simmered for hours to make broth, some are dried to create eye-catching look for the dish. Squid ball and grilled chopped fish, renowned dishes here, must be premade. The broth soup is made from pork bones, seafood broth, adding a proper amount of spices to create the great combination of salty, freshness and purity.

The attractive color of Ha Long seafood noodle

The attractive color of Ha Long seafood noodle (Source: Internet)

Noodle added seafood is best served when it is steamy with fresh local herbs, some pieces of chili and lemon. Even full of seafood, the dish is not fishy because all ingredients are fresh and prepared carefully. Just a spoon of the broth, it makes you feel like you were diving in cool water of Ha Long in the morning.

Start your day with a seafood noodle is a good idea. You can even visit a Vietnamese friend's house, go to morning fish market, choose a bunch of seafood, make the dish with them and enjoy your special weekend morning.

Bun xao ngan (“Fed Up” Fried Noodle)

When traveling in Ha Long, many visitors are surprised with “con ngan”. In fact, “Fed up” in Vietnamese is “ngan” and this is the name of a marine animal with the scientific name of Austriella Corrugata” living mainly in the sea of Quang Ninh. Con ngan’s look is not eye-catching but its price is quite high (about VND 300,000 / kg) because of its high nutrients, rareness and unique taste. A famous dish made from “con ngan” is “bun xao ngan”.

“Con ngan” in Quang Ninh

“Con ngan” in Quang Ninh (Source: Internet)

Maybe at first glance, it may not give travelers much impression of this dish. The stir-fried noodle’s look is simple due to white noodles mixed with white clam meat, black of cat’s ear mushrooms and a little bit of fried onion, scallion,… However, the simplicity makes the food closer and more familiar. Although the food does not have a good look, its taste will make you addicted from the first time to try it.

If wanting to enjoy this dish, you should go to restaurants with “a wise man” to be reminded about prices and recommended good eateries. Certainly after a few of tastes, you will never forget the delicious, sweet flavor of “ngan” mixed with other ingredients.

Tasty “Bun xao ngan” dish

Tasty “Bun xao ngan” dish (Source: Internet)

A tip for people who love this dish: The food is better when you enjoy it with a little drink made from “con ngan”.

Here are some interesting discoveries about 2 delicious - famous noodle dishes in Ha Long. Seafood flavors combined with soft noodles are a "great" choice for visitors. when exploring Ha Long cuisine.

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