Exploring 4 destinations to YOLO in Ha Long Bay

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Ha Long has not only beautiful landscapes, delicious food but also countless other interesting things waiting for you to explore. So, we will suggest 4 places to you to “YOLO” in Ha Long.

30 exciting games in Dragon Park

When it comes to Dragon Park, we cannot ignore famous adventure games here. The feeling of flying freely in the sky and suddenly falling to the ground at Dragon Park will make you never forget. If you like adventure, do not overlook this experience. Some of the popular adventure games here are: Phi Long speed, Rhinoceros rage, Dragon footprints, and pirate ships; or exciting family games including Mystic Journey, Magic umbrella, Cyclone Dance, Reunion Squadron ... All will bring a space of excitement and cheerfulness for players.

Adventure games will be exciting experiences of your trip

Adventure games will be exciting experiences of your trip (Source: Internet) 

In addition, there are many games for all ages, all members of the family. You can enjoy both relaxing games such as the Tour de Paris, tropical yachts, and magicalo Ferris wheel… and adventure games that attracts a large number of visitors. Besides, the scenery of Dragon Park is as beautiful as a "paradise", you will feel so overwhelmed as if losing in the fairyland, or adventure in the colorful world.

After moments of adventure, you can take a walk on the campus to enjoy super-delicious, super-attractive dishes here.

Watching Ha Long from above on the giant wheel circle

Sun Wheel brings visitors the overview of "beautiful" scenes in Ha Long. With 20 minutes / turn, you will have the opportunity to experience the view of this city at night, the highlight is Bai Chay Bridge.

Moreover, this destination has also a cable car system with two cabins like a giant double decker bus with a capacity of 230 passengers/cabin. The cable car travels from Bai Chay Ward (Ha Long), pass through Cua Luc Bay to the top of Ba Deo Hill (Hong Gai Ward). Sitting in the cabin, visitors will be able to admire the unrivaled panoramic view of Ha Long city.

The beautiful panoramic view of Sun Wheel at night

The beautiful panoramic view of Sun Wheel at night (source: Internet)

Watching Ha Long City with the cable car

Watching Ha Long City with the cable car (Source: Internet)

Drifting on the yacht and experiencing kayaking

If you have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Ha Long Bay on the yacht, you will have a wonderful experience with the scenery here. The combination of giant mountains and blue sea creates a fresh, airy and pleasant atmosphere.

Beautiful Ha Long Bay is viewed from the yacht

Beautiful Ha Long Bay is viewed from the yacht (Source: Internet)

Nightlife on Ha Long Bay will bring you peaceful and relaxing feeling in the sea. In addition, there are many interesting experiences such as fishing, watching sunset or sunrise on Ha Long Bay... for you to enjoy. Visitors can also admire the limestone mountains such as Ga Choi Islet, Dinh Huong Islet, Mai Nha Islet... with different sizes. Eating breakfast on a yacht is an unforgettable moment.

The most interesting thing here is experiencing of doing kayak in the vast blue water. Peaceful moments of watching the Ha Long Bay, relaxing and enjoying fresh airy atmosphere here are worth experiences for visitors when coming to Ha Long.

Visiting Quang Ninh Museum

Quang Ninh Museum is considered as a "perfect" cultural construction and a "highlight" to attract tourists to arrive in Ha Long. The Museum is located in Hong Hai Ward, in the complex of museums - libraries on the banks of Ha Long Bay.

Attractive and unique space of the museum

Attractive and unique space of the museum (Source: Internet)

The first impression of visitors when coming here is a whale skeleton and a large sailboat model displayed on the ground floor of the museum.

The museum consisting of 3 floors with the large space simulates the features of Quang Ninh from past to present, in both the mountainous region, plain and sea. The museum collects objects bearing high scientific value.

With unique architecture, beautiful space and many valuable exhibits, this place attracts a lots of domestic and foreign tourists to visit and learn about the history as well as culture of Quang Ninh each year.

With our suggestions, we expect that your trip to Quang Ninh will be more interesting and memorable.

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