About us

the process of formation and development

  • The story started in 2016 when I decided to balance work and family time. We planned to travel to famous tourist- attractions both in Vietnam and other countries. This opportunity made me realize that there were so many difficulties in visiting new landscapes such as culture and language differences, rip-off, and tourists soliciting. We had to accept much higher fees than local tourists.
  • Even when coming back to work, I still questioned myself: “How can I help visitors solve difficulties, and let tourism be tourism with its true values of exploration and relaxation?”. To answer this question, I along with my friends, my colleagues, made a decision on founding a travelling assistance application called Vlett (Vietnam let's travel).
  • What we have done, what we are doing, and what we will achieve have the same target, which is to bring the true values to visitors and Vietnamese tourism.

Vlett commits:


All tourist guides are carefully trained according to the specific criteria and strictly examined.

Training and coding of conduct

We contastly improve the training system and code of conduct to ensure the best service quality.

24/7 Travel Emergency Assistance

We always support you with the 24/7 Travel Emergency Assistance Center in which all customers’ questions will be immediately cleared up by our emergency response team.

Providing abundant sources of information

Travel information and promotions attached are fully provided to customers.

Win-Win cooperation method

  • That is a reason we do not consider our guides as employees but as "partners". Win-Win cooperation means that customers, partners and Vlett can get benefits for their own. We know that if we want to make it come true, quality is a prerequisite.

  • "Mastering yourself"

    Each partner is working for himself or herself. He or she is a small business in which they are financially free, self-motivated, creative. In addition, they can learn more useful things.

  • Training

    We hope that our guides can become the best of them. They will be proud of not only being proactive in income-generating but also their professionalism. We always encourage our partners to create, quickly adapt to innovation, and be ready to cope with challenges.

  • We are a family

    It is our honor to be a part of our partners’ lives.

The only way is:

To work together

Why is Vlett different?

Vlett is a company providing connectivity services and looking for a companion who thoroughly understands about food, culture, roads, etc. can accompany you wherever you go. Moreover, you are not forced to follow any fixed programs.

Seeing problems. Finding solutions. If only everything is such a simple thing.

In Vietnam, tourism is more and more developing, and Vlett understands tourists’ worry about inconvenience they may get while travelling. We always focus on the prestige and quality - with the desire of giving customers a complete holiday with rich experience.

Vlett Limited Liability Company is the bridge connecting among suppliers of tourism services, and then, helps visitors access to the tourism services more easily and quickly with a more reasonable price. Once again, what we have done, what we are doing, and what we will achieve have the same target, which is to bring the true values to customers and improve Vietnamese tourism face.

VLett would like to bring a healthy tourism environment to national and foreign tourists and promote the image of Vietnam tourism to new level as well. Connecting people and creating a trip that makes customers pleased, which is the best thing that Vlett always pursuits.

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