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There are many ways for you to use our service – in order to search and share information, communicate with others or create a new content. If you come to us to share information, such as Vlett account, we can serve you in a better way like introducing the information, providing services, improving services,… If you use our service, we are willing to affirm clearly of how we will use and protect your information. In additional to the registered information, we can require you your personal information at times including (but not limited) when you advertise something or exploit other functionalities of the Vlett website.

Please read this document, if you have any questions, do contact to us.

Our security policy are specified in some points:

1. Collecting personal information:

- The collected information will help us to:

• Support the customers during their service usage.

• Answer the customer’s questions.

• Provide our newest information to customers

• Examine and update the content and interface of the website and app. 

• Conduct the advertising activities relating to the Vlett’s products and services.

- To access and use some services in our website and app, you can be required to register with your information (Full name, Contact, Email,…). Be sure that all the information registered must be accuracy and legal. Vlett will not take any responsibilities relating to the legal consequences of the registered information.

- We also can collect the information about the number of times you access to it including the number of pages you read, links were clicked and other information relating to the Vlett connection. Besides, we can collect the information of your web browser which you use when accessing to Vlett, including: IP address, browser type, used language, time, cookies and the address that browser retrieves to.

2. Cookies – spying technology:

The website can use cookie and other spying technology or not, it depends on the provided functionalities. Cookie and spying technology are very useful for collecting information such as: browser types and operating system, the number of people accessing to the website, and the way the customers use the website. Cookie also can help customers to customize the website. Personal information cannot be collected through cookie and other spying technology, on the other hand, if you provided the identified personal information, cookie will be attached to this information. Cookie and the spied information which is collected can be shared with the third party. We also use the re – marketing access code when there is a customer’s access. This will allow us to bring out the goal advertisements in the future.

3. Using the personal information:

- Vlett collects and uses your personal information with the appropriate aim and we are certain to comply with the content of this “security policy” completely.

- We can use this information to directly contact to the customers via email, mobile phone, message,… if it is necessary. You can also receive email which provides the product information, the new services, the next event information or recruitment information…. if you register to receive notifying emails.

4. Sharing personal information:

- We commit not to let your personal information out, except from “Using personal information” circumstances said before.

- In some circumstances, we can hire an independent agency to carry out projects with regard to market research and at that time, your information will be provided to this agency to conduct the project. This third party will be bound by a security agreement which allows them to use provided information in order to complete the project.

- We can reveal or provide your personal information in necessary situations like: (a) if there has a requirement of a legislative authority; (b) in the circumstance which we believe this act will help us to protect our legitimate rights before the law; (c) an emergency and it is necessary to protect personal safety right of Vlett members.

5. Personal information retrieval:

- At any time, you also can access and modify your personal information according to compatible provided website’s links.

6. Privacy of information

- We have tried to keep the customer’s informational confidential from accessing, changing, destroying the improper data. Especially, we encrypt many services through SSL.

- We commit not to sell nor share in order to not expose your personal information for the commercial purpose. If not, we will violate our commitment written in this security policy.

- We have known that your right in personal information protection is our obligation, therefore, if you have any questions relating to our security policy, please contact us through hotline: (+84-24) 6656.8688 or via email: [email protected]

7. The Security Policy amendment

- Our Security Policy can be amended over time in order to meet the changes of the law or our service without advance notification, and in order to meet the demand of Vlett as well as the demand of receiving customers’ responses.

8. Contact info:

- We always welcome contributing comments, contacts and information response from the customers about “the Security Policy”. If you have any relating questions, please contact us via email: [email protected] or hotline: (+84-24) 6656.8688.



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